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Your fully cooked holiday meal ready to reheat includes:


                                                         10-12 PEOPLE:                4-6 PEOPLE:

     Turkey                                             14-16 lb                              2 lb Sliced breast

     Bread Stuffing                            1/2 Tray                             1/4 Tray

     Mashed Potatoes                      1/2 Tray                             1/4 Tray

     Green Bean Casserole            1/2 Tray                             1/4 Tray

     Honey Glazed Carrots             1/4 Tray                             1/8 Tray

     Cranberry Sauce                       32 oz container              16 oz container

     Turkey Gravy                               32 oz container              16 oz container


Individual meals include sliced turkey breast with all the sides in a microwavable meal tray.

Thanksgiving Dinner

PriceFrom $20.00
  • Your meal will come with suggested instructions to reheat each item to enjoy on Thanksgiving! It is the responsibility of the person purchasing the meal to ensure proper temperatures prior to serving. No refunds or exchanges once food has been picked up/delivered. Please contact us with any questions/concerns. We look forward to bringing your family More Thyme for the holidays!

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